We support global concerns on plastic and work unwaveringly towards ensuring sustainability through eco-friendly production practices. As the undisputed leader in the processing of recycled plastics, we strive to maintain 50% of the group output from recycled plastics obtained from waste material and bio-based plastics making us partly sustainable in line with the circular economy of plastic.


The Polydime group is about the largest processor of recycled plastic film in Sri Lanka. Approximately 40% of our product is made from Recycled plastic. We have our own supply chain of collection, processing of waste, processing of finished product and distribution of recycle based products into the local and export markets.


10% of our production is based on products that degrade. We specialize in the following areas.


Products that are Compostable based on starch based raw materials
  • We currently manufacture lunch sheets and shopping bags out of Biobased products that carry Central Environmental Authority approval.
  • All Products are manufacture with raw material that carry compostable approval from Dincertco, Vincotte and OK compost based on ASTM 6400 and EN 13432.

Bio Degradable

Products that are biodegradable that are biodegradable under anaerobic conditions.
  • Ecopure is the result of new breakthrough research that has enabled any polymer based product to be made biodegradable.
  • The product is currently used in many polymer film based applications, mainly in film to make the plastic biodegradable. Product is confirmed to be biodegradable under ASTM 5511 standards.


The opinion is that the plastic manufacturers are the main culprit of the Plastic Waste problem being blown out of proportion. Whilst agreeing with this view we believe the consumer has a responsibility to dispose plastic responsibly too. In Sri Lanka we have set up a project where the 4-14 window of children are educated on effects of bad disposal and how plastics should be disposed of responsibly. This initiative covers an education program in schools, local authorities and other gatherings where the message of responsible disposal of plastic is promoted far and wide in Sri Lanka.